A library for a poor remote school

Donate your used, english books to build a library at the elementary school in Tongdol. Thanks for helping us.


Tongdol is a poor, small barangay (smalles political unit in the Philippines) in Donsol. Its a remote village without access to internet. The elementary school with 180 students has a yearly budget of 90’000 Pesos (approximately 1440 GBP or 1690 Euro) to buy required teaching material and maintaining the buildings.

2016 I supported the school to buy instruments for their students to perform on parades. A long time dream came true.


This year, I’d like to help them to build a library by providing used books.



Tongdol has no internet access and hardly any reliable access to the mobile network. Many young people quit school for financial reasons. With this library we want to give these students and young people the chance to learn more.

What books

I’m looking for any kind of used books in English language. School books, novels, cook books, books about craftsmanship, handicrafts, travel, dictionaries….

Send where

You don’t need to send them to the Philippines. There is a shipping address per country, currently Switzerland and Germany. From there, I ship the books myself to the Philippines.

Please send them to:


Jürg Wyss

Sonnenburggutstr. 15

CH-8200 Schaffhausen


Klaus Wirtz

Heiderbergenstr. 82

D-53229 Bonn

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