Development Aid From Home

This is a summary of my crowdfunding project on Indiegogo.

“A Future For Young Filipinas and Filipinos”

Yes, I want to help young Filipinas and Filipinos to escape poverty by helping them to start their own small business and eventually create jobs for other people.

I will train and coach them in planning and running their small enterprise. I will do this for free.

You can help them by providing funds for micro-credits and the resources (personal, accommodation, equipment, material) required for training and coaching. That’s the purpose of this crowdfunding.

There are 52 candidates. They have small dreams. A bakery, a pig farm, a small BBQ restaurant. You can find an overview here (sorry, German only but ask me if you want to have more details).

Aiming for a new concept in development aid.

Do you miss the possibility to influence, what organisations are doing with your donation? Did you ever try to find out, what exactly your money was used for? Did you ever try to contact a beneficiary of your donation? I did and was disappointed.

The Philippines belong to the poorest countries in this world. More than 40% of the population are living in poverty of less than 2 Dollars per day. Micro-credits are difficult to get and if, only with an interest rate of 200% and more per year. I want to prove that such horrible rates are not necessary. Instead, the repayment rate shall be increased by business training and coaching. Micro-Credits, for this pilot project, shall be granted at zero interest.

Certain donators are invited to vote for those who can join the program. You will decide, not me.

Interested people can actively work with and take over a sponsorship for one of the participants. I call this “Development Aid From Home”.

The future.

If the pilot project is successful, I will search for people with similar interest like me who can implement the same or similar concept in other countries. There are interested people in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.

About myself.

I was an international sales manager for more than two decades. I was visiting 53 countries, among them most countries in Asia. I was at least 20 times in the Philippines for business purposes. Since four years, I’m advising micro-companies to plan and run their business with little financial funds. I would like to share this experience with these young Filipinas and Filipinos. You can learn more about me on my LinkedIn profile.

In 2014, I spent several months in the Philippines to do a feasibility study for this project.

The costs.

The minimal amount of 26’900 Euro is sufficient to run this program for 5 people.

Target amount Participants Months on site Euro per participant
26‘900 Minimal Programm 5 3 5‘380
40‘700 Normal Programm 5 6 8‘140
50‘400 Ditto 10 6 5‘040
69‘700 Ditto 20 6 3‘485
89‘100 Ditto 30 6 2‘970
108‘500 Ditto 40 6 2‘713

If I can collect more than this minimal amount, I will first extend my stays on site and hire my deputy, Sherly, for a longer time. After this, for each additional 1’935 Euro, we will add one more participant

Remember, I don’t take any salary for my work. I only cover my small extra expenses to travel to the Philippines and my stay in cheap locations. As such, the program is very efficient, except the flights, all donations will be spent in the country. If you’re interested in the detailed calculation, please refer to this article.

If we don’t reach the minimal amount, all donations will be returned.

I hope you like this idea of a completely transparent concept for development aid.

Thank you in the name of the 52 candidates for your donation and sharing with your friends. You can be sure that I will do my utmost that these micro-credits will be repaid and reinvested to make other dreams of more young people will become true.

If you have any questions, please contact me through Indiegogo, Twitter, Facebook or email (



If you’re interested in Perks, please follow this link for a translation.

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